My Bucket List

Take a stranger to lunch/Explore Midland Arts & Antique Market/Buy a beautiful rug/Give away something I love/Go sailing with my Dad again/Take a bunch of kids to the zoo/Take a gondola ride in Venice/Eat lunch at Indy City Market/Drink coffee on a sidewalk café in Paris/Test drive a Toyota Priuus/See a Ballet in NYC/Ride my bike downtown for lunch/Ride a zip line through a underground cave/Go on a riverboat dinner cruise/Host a summer garden party/Swim in the Mediterranean Sea/Stay over night in a B&B (sleep in late)/Plant a Japanese Maple/Attend a spiritual conference/Island hop through the Caribbean (seven islands in seven days)/Walk the entire Riverwalk in San Antonio/Attend Blackpool Dance Competition in England/Sit in the hot springs in San Miguel (with Deanna)/Twilight Canoe trip in Hocking Hills/Ride the Marrakesh Express/See a Cirque Du Soleil performance/Walk through a rainforest/Make a Chocolate Torte/Hear Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert/Write another novel/Attend the Kentucky Derby/Watch an outdoor movie/Buy a painting from an artist (my kids don’t count)/Take a picture of myself at the place where I was born/Go on a winery tour/Dance Thriller in public/Pay off all of my credit card debt/Run a 5K race for a cause/Host an art show/Visit Cocoa Beach Florida/Break the $60,000 mark in salary/Stop at a road side carnival-eat cotton candy/Ride the mechanical bull at a country bar/Visit a Volcano/volunteer in a foreign country/Ride a horse at sunrise in Sedona, Arizona/Attract 1,000 followers to my blog/Go ice skating in an outdoor rink/Host a Thanksgiving dinner/Visit fish market in Seattle/See Killer Whales at Puget Sound/Visit Nantucket in the summer and eat blue crab

Share your point of view . . .

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