blog picWelcome to my blog – and, Welcome Home! My name is Tracy. When I was a child and faced scary situations, my first go-to thought was almost always, “I want to go home.” At home, there was a certain level of familiarity that, in the very least, could be counted on – good or bad. But as I grew older, the place, “home” held little meaning for me. It was a place I left and didn’t want to go back to. Even though I still sometimes yearned to find safety in the familiar, I couldn’t find my way to a sense of comfort or freedom with myself or my circumstances. Instead, I mostly felt lost and confused about life.

During some major life transitions, I began to look at all of the ways that I mistakenly sacrificed my own sense of self to try to find acceptance and/or love. I spent a lot of time looking and trying and asking. What I have discovered along the way is that the “home” I had been longing for was always there inside of me.

For me, home is the feeling you get when you accept who you are at a very deep level and express yourself freely. The feeling happens in circumstances that foster acceptance. The feeling happens in certain places that make you feel whole. The feeling happens in the company of special people who temper their expectations and support your self discovery, no matter what.

Feeling at home comes with a level of self-awareness that stops you from engaging in people pleasing behaviors, attention seeking activities and pretending to be someone you are not. It happens when you are truly at peace with who you are as a person and you find that gratitude comes easier than frustration. The blogs collected here empower people to recognize that what they have been looking for has been with them all along. It honors and supports the emergence of the essential self through acceptance, surrender, love, kindness and the intentional birth and growth of joy and peace.

Share your point of view . . .

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