New Growth – why we really should love the rain

seedlingI look out my window at the rain, and beyond it to the emerging green, EVERYWHERE!! Here in Indiana, buds of color are swelling to the breaking point and these last few days of warm rains ensure they’ll bust out in radiant color in an instant. The world outside my window is changing, in my opinion, for the better!

Change is imperceptible. A warm rain one day brings a flush of fresh green growth the next, but we never really see it happening. The results just appear, seemingly overnight. We look back thinking, how did that happen? However, when we’re personally in the midst of change, it doesn’t always feel that easy (or cleverly disguised).

The truth is that most of us ARE looking for change somewhere in our lives; we may want a better physique, better relationships, or a better job. We are hard-wired toward improvement. Even if we are unaware of it, something inside of us is always urging us to become a better version of who we are. It is natural that we grow and change just like every other living thing on Earth.

The need for change often comes with a feeling of discomfort or discontentment that literally pushes us to begin exploring new options. This process requires some sort of … well, change. If we sit back and wallow in the negative feelings and become a victim, resisting their powerful pull, nothing will become better. In fact, the situation is liable to become worse as we resist and fight against these feelings.

It’s true; change can be painful. It makes us question who we are, what we know and what we now accept. Answering those questions can be uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing. But it doesn’t mean our lives are all wrong if we admit change is needed; it just means we are learning, growing and evolving into something even better.

Someone once said to me, “Who says I have to change? I like who I am. I’m tired of everyone saying we need to change. There’s nothing wrong with who I am.” At the same time, this person also had a bad habit of complaining about his life and nearly everything around him. The only person asking him to change was his own self. He just didn’t know it. He was too busy resisting change to even consider how his life might be improved if he made the decision to explore what needed to emerge from his being.

Change begins with the awareness of a need, with an understanding that our discomfort is more than just a bad feeling and from that we have the power to choose – and in my opinion, choice always makes things a little easier.

I think now about the seeds I planted this past weekend. By now most of them have cracked and split wide open. Only remnants of the shell that housed what will soon become a glorious fruit-bearing plant remain somewhere under the soil, soon to be forgotten. Change happens to us in that way. If we are willing, like a seed, to expose ourselves to the darkness and the rain, the swelling and splitting of life inside of us, and the expansion of who we think we are, something beautiful is emerging. I pray you allow it.


7 thoughts on “New Growth – why we really should love the rain

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  2. Is this the core – outside forces create change around us and, therefore, in us. If we don’t choose how to respond, the change still happens. The freedom,and therefore positive energy, is in the choice.


    • Yes, I would agree (mostly) I think change happens more from the inside out than the outside in. External circumstances being relative, as they are. And of course, then we always decide to respond however we choose to the whirlwind around us and how we perceive that 🙂


  3. I love this post! After spending far too many years in a change-resistant state I learned to embrace it when I feel the need stirring. I have yet to be disappointed with what those changes have brought my way! 🙂


    • Me too! You seem to be on to it at such a young age. So good to hear that the flow of good has entered your life. I think back to the years when I used to be so controlling with myself and others. There is so much more freedom in accepting change and working with it. Wish I had known earlier.


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