It’s your fault. You didn’t do anything interesting with your life.

Winter is a time for slowing down for sure! Sometimes even if we want to get up and get going, it can be tough due to the challenges of ice, snow and grey skies that glare down, “I dare you..” It’s important in our time of hibernating, not to lose the kind of inspiration that leads to the incubation of our dreams. I find Andrea’s advice here compelling. Keep blowing on the sparks of your dreams; build them into a bonfire to keep you warm on these long winter’s evenings.

Yoga & Joyful Living

I know you’ve had this conversation with yourself. Because I did, too. It goes like this:

“It’s your fault. Why didn’t you do something interesting, just for a change?

Something unforgettable. An experiment. Something where the outcome wasn’t known in advance. Something that, at the end of my life, would be worthy of a pat on my own shoulder: Great job, Andrea. Great job. I’m quite impressed.” *leanbacksipchampagne*. Ahem.
But looking around, the topic that overshadows all others when planning life (if that’s possible at all) is not going out there, taking a hand full of this fantastic world, throw it all up in the air – and let great experiences rain down. Now, the key words we’re looking at are “security” and something psychologists call “cocooning”. Moving to a foreign country? And what about my pension?
There are many paths, and by not taking any of them and just…

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