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il_fullxfull_570510859_z46iI had something written for today, but I found this. . .even better.
Enjoy the insight of a fellow blogger, my friends.


It has been a long week, but still a blessing. God is good (all the time). Even when we are immersed in frustration, indecision and worry, the truth remains with us. The things that haunt us do so for a reason – so that we see them more clearly – so that we examine our own feelings, motives, and choices.il_fullxfull_570510859_z46i

I believe that if we find ourselves in the same place time and again, there’s a reason. We need to pay attention. We are brought back there so that we can appreciate the lesson. Otherwise, we are much like a person lost in the woods….led by nothing more than the desire to be saved. Without direction (the compass of the soul), we wander again and again to the same sweet tree.

What I know. Adversity doesn’t build character; it reveals it. When we are faced with something we’d rather not…

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