Appreciating Where You Are–Right Here, Right Now

One of my main interests is travel. I want to see new places and experience new things. However, I’ve recently taken a new job and it will be at least six months before I’ve banked enough vacation days to go anywhere interesting, or will it?

One of the great things to do for free in Indy - hanging out on the Canal.

One of the great things to do for free in Indy – hanging out on the Canal.

Honestly, who can wait for vacation days to have adventures? Not me. I plan to share with you all of the amazing things that you can find in your own back yard. I actually live in an amazing city and I’ve learned that the best and fastest way to enjoy life is to appreciate what you have right where you are.

I‘ve recently been around three different groups of people who are in the process of moving. Interestingly enough, what they all have in common is a certain distaste for the house they formerly called “home.” It makes me wonder how long it will be until their new home receives the same sentiment.

In order to enjoy where we are going some day, we have to develop appreciation for where we are right now. Writing about something is one way to discover appreciation for it. For example, I also write a blog called “Think Mixed Use” for a development company here in Indianapolis and I’ve come to appreciate our downtown area in ways that most people don’t really think about. Indianapolis has a phenomenal city center built around several historical neighborhoods that serve as anchors for new development. In and around those neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery stores, pocket parks and little pubs have popped up, places where people can hang out and enjoy old friends and meet new neighbors. Our downtown is very green, lots of trees and trails to bike or walk on. It’s attractive, clean and contemporary. Not to mention, there’s tons of stuff to do any night of the week, especially in summer.

In writing my blog posts, I have to look for what is great about something. So as I’m researching or interviewing people to learn about what to write, I am consciously listening and looking for something new and interesting. In turn, I’ve learned to notice more of the positive rather than the negative. If we can practice this in our lives, we might not be so focused on what’s out there in the future that might be better. You don’t have to write about what’s awesome in your life, as long as you have some way to ask yourself the question:

What do you love about where you are right now?


2 thoughts on “Appreciating Where You Are–Right Here, Right Now

  1. Hi Tracy, I am in deep transition right now – it’s a little scary, but overall I am happy and feeling like I’m moving towards a sustainable and happy life. My two older sons have moved with their natural father. I decided to downsize to a smaller home, as I’d like to spend more time writing and less time cleaning/maintaining a large house. I have a lot of stuff to let go, but I am looking forward to the process. Thanks for such a great post – it feels so timely for me. Thank you, Kim


    • Hi Kim, Thanks for reading. I am so feeling you on the house thing. My house isn’t really all that big, but I have a huge yard which takes a lot of extra time in summer. I’d rather be planning little road trips on the weekends, spending time with friends and writing more, but I often have to play catch up on yard work or house needs. I hope your new situation gives you a lot more free time!


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